Because after years of mine shutdowns and declining prices, the coal industry is making a prosperous return.

A New Beginning for Coal

A New Beginning for CoalThis is the 21st century. Why are we burning little black rocks to charge our laptops and cell phones?Because after years of mine shutdowns and declining prices, the coal industry is making a prosperous return.In the early 1900s, coal was the nation's major fuel source, supplying almost 90 percent of its energy needs, according to the Department of Energy.When the cleaner, more efficient petroleum and natural gas came into play, the demand for coal declined. Today, nearly 55 percent of the nation's electricity is generated using coal, and the numbers are growing, according to the World Coal Institute.Even though perceptions of the coal industry have changed dramatically over the years, coal maintains its vital role in the world's energy mix for many reasons. It is easy and safe to transport, it remains far cheaper than natural gas, and it is abundantly available.But it wasn't until natural gas prices shot up and California was held back by blackouts that the coal industry took center stage. For decades, it seemed to be dying. But with easing of pollution controls, the Bush Administration began to establish the groundwork for a resurgence of coal-fired power across the nation.In 1999, natural gas was the most expensive fossil fuel, petroleum was second and coal was the least expensive, according to the Department of Energy. Although the cost of generating electricity from coal has increased through the years, it is still lower than the cost of generating electricity from either natural gas or petroleum.As for cleaner air, coal has long been unpopular with environmentalists who argue the fossil fuel produces the greatest amount of mercury and carbon dioxide emission, associated with global warming. Current energy bills, however, propose clean coal power initiatives, which would implement high-tech ways to reduce pollution when electricity is generated from coal.Today, mines that were closed in the 1990s after a downturn in coal prices are being reopened in Southeastern United States. Quest Minerals and Mining (OTC BB: QMMG.OB) is acquiring and reopening properties that produce coal in compliance with Clean Air Act requirements. According to Quest, coal emitting less than 1.2 pounds of sulfur dioxide per million BTU, commonly referred to as "low-sulfur coal" is currently trading at more than $50 per ton.

Como Mantener tu Salud Mental

Como Mantener tu Salud Mental

En los ltimos aos la mucha gente se ha dado cuenta de la importancia de una dieta apropiada y acompaada de ejercicio fsico. En los pasados 20 aos sin duda ha habido un cambio en cuanto al estado de salud de muchas sociedades, que ha determinado una mejor calidad de vida. Sin embargo, esto no ha trado salud mental que es tan importante como la salud fsica.Hoy en da, la mayora de la gente hace de 4 a 6 horas de ejercicio por da, y se asegura de que todo lo que ingiere, no tiene azucares o preservantes, pero no prestan atencin a su salud mental. Es decir, mucha gente no toma las vacaciones necesarias, ni siquiera en los fines de semana largos. La gente trabaja 60 horas por semana, llevndose a las casas los problemas del trabajo y trabajando los fines de semana tambin. Todo esto con esperanzas de mejorar la calidad de vida material. Pero, de que sirve todo el esfuerzo cuando el cerebro esta abundado y sientes explotar en la oficina?Al final, la salud fsica puede sufrir no importa que bien comas y hagas ejercicio. Probablemente tengas alta presin, estrs y tensin lo cual pondr en alto riesgo tu salud.Para ayudarte a evitar llegar a alguna de las anteriores situaciones, aqu te presento algunos consejos para mejorar tu condicin mental.Si disfrutas la adrenalina, te recomiendo que pruebes deportes como kite surfing, bunge jumping, y dems. Si disfrutas andar en motocicleta es muy bueno andar en contra del viento como terapia para relajarse y disfrutar un buen viaje.Buscar actividades que te desconecten de la rutina diaria (la cual a veces puede ser estresante) es la clave principal. Por ejemplo, si disfrutas leer, un buen libro de ciencia ficcin como "Harry Potter", "Lord of the Rings" u otros pueden ser perfectos para ti. Si disfrutas en cambio mirar pelculas, entonces comienza con hacerte socio de una tienda de DVDs y veras que bien te har.Actividades como paseos fuera de la ciudad, visitar viedos, campos, parques y dems son esenciales a la hora de relajarse. Si disfrutas las montaas, todava puedes ir a visitar la nieve, esquiar y aflojar tu mente. Las vacaciones, por ms pequeas que sean te llenaran el alma con memorias alegres y positivas.Si disfrutas andar en bicicleta, o en patines esas son actividades que te destaparan y ayudaran a sentirte mejor. Siempre es divertido hacerlo con amigos que estn dispuestos a un poco de aventura. Organizar un grupo grande de gente que quiera hacerlo es una buena idea, que los puede llevar a conocer lugares que nunca creas que ibas a encontrar. Ros abandonados, pasajes que estn cerrados para la gente, bosques y dems lugares increbles para conocer.En fin, hay un sin fin de actividades para llevar a cabo si buscas caminos diferentes para mejorar tu salud mental y relajarte naturalmente. No olvides que la salud mental es tan importante como la fsica y que para tener una hay que tener la otra!

Business can save money by selecting the right job consultancy

Business can save money by selecting the right job consultancy

Which agency to choose?There is generally little benefit in working with more than one agency. In fact it can be detrimental as relationships are built on trust. Also it makes it a lot more difficult to manage the process and keep up to date with where your candidates are coming from, which agency is dealing with which company, different people calling you about different roles etc. It's far preferable to find an agency who can therefore manage the whole process in a more efficient way for you. The first thing to do is ask around for personal recommendations. Clearly you can't openly ask your accountant or business consultant whom they would recommend but there may be other actuarial friends or discreet colleagues who could give some feedback on agencies they have used. Some agencies employ actuaries as recruitment consultants. This adds extra value to the process in that the actuary has the technical background to fully understand your business needs, and particularly what your transferable skills are if you are looking to go in a slightly different direction. In dealing with professional people you can be confident of a quality and confidential service.A key consideration is to not be swayed in your choice of agency by a sales led consultant as this can often mean the sale is more important than building a long relationship with the business.Using instinctAfter you have been passed lots in cv's and the interviews begin then it is a case of using your experience and instinct in selecting the right candidate for the position.As the squeeze is being felt by business due to the current economic climate they are relying on specialist service sectors like recruitment agencies to deliver high quality staff for their business needs.If in doubt about a candidate's ability to undertake work, why not ask them to run through a case or file with you during second interview? If they are a conveyancing solicitor, ask them to run through the procedure they would take on a file or if they are a graphic designer then ask to see some of their work.Having a test or assessment is perfectly acceptable as this tests the candidate and allows you to make a balanced judgement on their ability.After you have made a decision on the right candidate then ensure a written offer is made to confirm your intent and then insist a written reply of acceptance and this can save a lot of wasted time.

Five tips and tricks for using Word for business

Five tips and tricks for using Word for business

Most people don't use all the features of their software. We tend to pinpoint the most helpful and stick with them.

Here are five features in Microsoft Word that could save you time and money.

Create and Design Your Company's Letterhead, Templates and More

Every business needs an official letterhead. You don't have to buy it. If you know what you want you can create it in Word and save it as a template to use time after time.

A letterhead doesn't have to be complicated. It can be as simple as the company name, address and telephone number. Word provides lots of fonts, and you can change the size and style.

You may want to add art. You can scan in your logo and use it. Or alternatively make use of Microsoft Office's Clipart Gallery. There you'll find thousands of royalty-free images available to users of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft also offers free templates for letters, labels and forms. They can be found in the Template Gallery.

Send the Same Letter to Many People Without Addressing Each Separately

Word's Mail Merge makes it easy to send the same letter to lots of different people.

It uses a list of names and addresses from a table. You can create the table in Word, Access (a Microsoft database program) or even Outlook. All are part of Microsoft Office .

This works best with planning. You have many options; this example uses Excel but there are other ways to achieve the same thing.

Start by writing your letter. The same letter goes to everyone; you can't do much customisation. When you write it, leave space for the person's address and the salutation.

When setting up Excel , you need the person's name and address. You'll also need a salutation field. If Rocky Jones is one of the people receiving the letter, you might want the salutation to be Dear Rocky. If your relationship with Dr. Rocky Jones is more formal, the salutation might be Dear Dr. Jones. So the names in the Salutation column would be "Rocky" or "Dr. Jones."

Now open your letter. Go to Tools > Letters and Mailings > Mail Merge Wizard . Follow the instructions on screen. You can also make things easier by addressing envelopes and labels with Mail Merge.

Add a Watermark to a Document so Everyone Knows it's a Draft

If you are circulating a proposal to your staff, you don't want it mistaken for the finished product. A good way to avoid that is a watermark that says "Draft".

A watermark is clearly visible on the document but does not damage the legibility of the writing. You can use text or a picture, black and white or colour.

To use a watermark, go to Format > Background > Printed Watermark . Make your selections and click OK. If you expect to use a watermark regularly, create a template (see above).

Be careful not to go overboard. There's a fine line between cool and irritating. If the watermark makes a document hard to read then people just won't bother.

Keep an Eye on Changes that People are Making to Documents

When a document is returned to you, it can be difficult to see changes made by others. Word will highlight them so you can see what's been altered.

Here are the instructions for Word 2002/ 2003:

First, open the newer Word document.

Click Tools > Compare and Merge Documents .

Browse to the original Word document.

Click it once to highlight it.

In the lower right corner, click the drop-down box and select "Merge Into Current Document."

For Word 97 and Word 2000:

Click Tools .

Go to Track Changes .

Click Compare Document .

Find the original Word document and click it once so it is highlighted.

Click Open .

Sometimes developing a document is so arduous that we lose sight of what we're trying to do. Looking back at older versions can help.

That's easy to do in Word. Click File > Versions . Select "Automatically save a version on close." Every time you close the document, that version will be saved.

When you want to look at an old version, follow the same path. All of the versions will be listed in the box. The most recent will be on top. Highlight the version you want and click Open.

You can turn off this "versioning" feature by clearing the check mark from "Automatically save a version on close." Or, you can delete individual versions. Just highlight the ones you want to lose and click delete.

Cessna Citation X-1 for Private Jet Charters

As businesses internationally are seeking out ways to cut costs and streamline their activities, business air charter service providers are making modifications to their fleet in order to cater to the demands of their customers. As a result of this shift, the super mid-sized category of charter aircrafts is quickly growing as the preferred business jet category. The super mid-sized category has been recently introduced and was developed to offer many of the benefits of the bigger heavy jet category of aircrafts at more economical price. Many of the benefits businesses offered by the super mid-sized category are: the extended range of the aircraft, its increased seating capacity and high speed.One of the fastest growing business jet charter aircrafts in the world is produced by United States based company Cessna. The Cessna Citation X is dominating the mid-sized jet category and for good reason. The Cessna Citation X is the fastest aircraft available for charter and offers business and private aviation users the benefits of non-stop cross country range. In less than 4 hours, a Citation X is capable of flying ten business executives from the executive airport at Van Nuys (VNY) in Southern California to Teterboro Executive Airport (TEB) near downtown New York and Manhattan. The extended range and lightning quick speed of the Citation X allows it to cruise internationally as well. International charter flights from New York to London at one time required the charter of an expensive heavy jet like a Gulfstream GIV or Challenger 604. This is no longer the case. Not only can the Cessna Citation X fly across the pond; it can do it fast! The typical 6.5 to 7 hour flight can now be flown in just under 6 hours when one chooses to charter a Citation X. The advantage of the speed and range provided by Cessnas Citation X not only provide businesses travelers with valuable time savings, but also does so without sacrificing the comfort of a large cabin. The 24 foot long stand up cabin offers a spacious interior that can be configured to seat up to 12 executive travelers. The advanced avionics and aerodynamic design features of Cessnas Citation X also allow it to utilize a larger number of executive airports than any other large jet; as it is capable of landing safely on a 5,000ft runway.The ultra high performance statistics of the Cessna Citation X are very attractive selling points to both businesses and "air charter" providers, but the greatest and possibly most valuable asset this business jet has to offer is the low acquisition and operating costs associated with owning or chartering a Citation X. The purchase of a new Citation X aircraft can be purchased or financed from Cessna for under 20million and can be custom configured to suit your needs. Compare the price of a new Citation X to that of the order of a new Gulfstream G200 at up to 25million; one can instantly why the Citation X is so attractive. The lower acquisition costs of the Citation X translate into lower operating costs for air charter service providers. The impact of low operating costs on the Citation X has fueled the demand for this aircraft in the US business and private air charter market.Cessna Citation X has led the way in defining luxury business air travel by constantly innovating and improving aircraft design and by providing significant value to their clients.

The Causes Of Vaginal Yeast Infection

The Cause Of Yeast Infection by Dr. Charles Hoskins, DD, PhD Vaginal Yeast infections are uncomfortable, embarrassing, and have an adverse effect on the quality of a womans life. Yeast infections are caused by a fungus called candida albcans. Yeast infections are overgrowths of normally growing fungi in the vagina. When this fungus grows out of control for many reasons including those described below, the vagina becomes inflamed, and a white cheesy discharge results. There is a strong odor, irritation and itching. Naturally occuring bacteria in the body usually control the yeast fungi. Sometimes this balance is upset. At least 75% of women experience a yeast infection at some point in their life. Disruption of this natural balance may occur with any of the following: Excessive use of antibiotics, Diabetes, A weakened immune system (for example from HIV/AIDS, steroid use, pregnancy, cancer chemotherapy or other drugs that weaken the immune system), Use of douches or feminine hygiene sprays, Tight or non cotton underwear, Hormonal changes, Ovulation, Menopause, Pregnancy, Use of birth control pills, Use of hormone therapy. When the levels of this fungus exceed the bodies ability to destroy the invader, the fungus grows out of control. Vaginal "yeast infection" can be spread to the male urethra through sexual intercourse. Generally speaking, the same things that lower our immunity and make it possible to contract other ailments, also make it possible to contract yeast infections. Stress is a major contributing factor. When we are is a stressful situation, or living a stress filled life, our bodies concentrate on dealing with the stress. When this occurs, our ability to fight disease, any disease, is lessened. Some women experience an increase in yeast infections at menopause due to the tremendous hormonal changes that are occurring. Taking excessive antibiotics is a contributing factor. Antibiotics kill not only disease causing bacteria, but helpful bacteria that help our bodies fight disease. Other contributing factors are excessive douching and use of scented feminine hygiene products. Any external product poses a risk for an individual who is susceptible to infection. Tight fitting clothes that dont allow adequate blood and air circulation at the infected area are a problem. Its much easier to prevent a yeast infection than to cure one, so remembering all of these potential causes is the first step to preventing the problem in the first place. Now I know this sounds like just a list of causes, but remember that we said the important thing was prevention. If you are susceptible to yeast infection, avoid bubble baths, irritating soaps and perfumed toilet paper. Avoid harsh detergents used to wash undergarments. Rinse your laundry thoroughly so that there is no detergent residue. Diet has a big impact on candida yeast infections. Dairy products can lead to infection in some women as can most grain products, nuts and high sugar foods. Knowing the cause of the infection is important to prevention. If you have taken every possible precaution to prevent infection, and you still suffer recurrent yeast infection problems, then its time to start looking at remedies. There are several antifungal drugs that are used in treatment, as well as a cornucopia of herbal and holistic treatments. If prevention was unsuccessful, and the holistic remedies failed, see your doctor. There is a great deal of long term damage that can be cause by long term and recurrent yeast infection. Take heart vaginal yeast infections are preventable and curable.


Because after years of mine shutdowns and declining prices, the coal industry is making a prosperous return.